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Behind the Scenes – Part 2

Last week we were busy installing a range of built in storage units for a bathroom, including the Vanity Unit you saw being made in the last post.

The first job was to get the vanity unit installed in the room so the sinks could be plumbed in.

Vanity 2

Here David is making sure that the vanity unit top is level. The room is in a historic stone farmhouse so the chances of the floor being level were slim!

Vanity 3

The Corian top was then installed.

Storage 2
This large storage wall will house all the plumbing for the toilet and provide cupboard and shelf space for towels and toiletries.

Storage 1
David is fixing on the frame and securing all the carcases.

Storage 3
All ready to decorate! The client has chosen Matchstick by Farrow and Ball which is going to look lovely.




Behind the Scenes – Part One

Maybe it’s just us but we think that finding out how an object is made is just as exciting as seeing the finished item. In these posts we will share what goes on in our workshop and give you a glimpse behind the scenes, where the real magic happens!

These photos show the progress of a vanity unit; from preparing the timber to getting it ready to decorate.

The timber is prepared to the correct sizes ready to start assembly. This item is made from Tulip Wood (Poplar) which is a hardwood, ideal for painted furniture.

David is cutting the mortises ready to join the frame together.

A detail of a tenon.

Vanity Assembled 1
The frame has been assembled and is now waiting in the clean room for me to undercoat it! Once it has been undercoated, it will be taken to site and installed ready for the plumber to add the basins and taps. It will then get decorated and the drawers will be made to fit around the pipework.



Mountain Wood Kitchen goes on site

We have recently been on site installing our handy work for the new kitchen at Mountain Wood.  With a palette of plywood and coloured laminate we have created a bespoke modern kitchen with character to suit the clients needs.  We still have a way to go before it is complete but take a look at some of our quick shots during installation.IMG_20140721_081115_resized



Meet Morris

We have recently took delivery of a 1956 Morris Minor.  It’s in the process of a complete overhaul but here are a few images to whet your appetite.IMG_20140705_023926



Seasoned Professionals

  • By Charlotte Pidgeon

Here is a sneaky peek at Dave preparing timber for a new job.  The timber was cut down and is now being seasoned on site before we get to work.




Coffee table is GO//01

Excitement has been brewing in the workshop as we have been developing our first furniture range.  The first item in the range is now ready for production as we made our final finished prototype in the workshop.  We have been working on the packaging, distribution and have booked the photo shoot for all of the promotional material.  We hope to release the GO//01 coffee table next month but in the meantime, here is a sneaky peak to whet your appetites.

photo 02