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2014 September



Behind the Scenes – Part One

Maybe it’s just us but we think that finding out how an object is made is just as exciting as seeing the finished item. In these posts we will share what goes on in our workshop and give you a glimpse behind the scenes, where the real magic happens!

These photos show the progress of a vanity unit; from preparing the timber to getting it ready to decorate.

The timber is prepared to the correct sizes ready to start assembly. This item is made from Tulip Wood (Poplar) which is a hardwood, ideal for painted furniture.

David is cutting the mortises ready to join the frame together.

A detail of a tenon.

Vanity Assembled 1
The frame has been assembled and is now waiting in the clean room for me to undercoat it! Once it has been undercoated, it will be taken to site and installed ready for the plumber to add the basins and taps. It will then get decorated and the drawers will be made to fit around the pipework.



New Photography for the GO//Collection

We have been busy taking some new room set shots for the GO//Collection! A client let us borrow their lovely home and we think they look great!

DSC02419_1 DSC02438 DSC02448 DSC02479